I'll start off by saying I'm naturally a happy soul.
I'm silly, goofy...yet mature, smart, witty.
I love hiking, and go 5 days per week.
I didn't grow up with much, but always felt I would have more.
When I was 17, I wanted to be an investor, but soon found out there was no college to teach me to being an entrepreneur.
So I started working for corporate america, to save money and invest.
As most of us know, the pay isn't very much, so it takes a very long time to save money, and then things like the house or car repairs come up!
I have a passion for baking, and brought my baked goods to my coworkers. Everyone loved it so much, I started to get asked to do cupcakes for weddings, etc.
I opened up an online cupcake business, for some extra money.
Baking is wonderful; however, you have to bake a lot of cupcakes to even make a decent living. Plus, all the time and labor it involves to make a perfectly decorated cupcake.
That's when I found a better way to earn money. A business that doesn't involve working long hours and intensive labor.

It's for everyday people, who want to earn making 6 - 7 figures online, working from home.
Making money online allows you to do the things you love, and have the lifestyle of freedom.